Catch My Breath

Sometimes I hold my breath –
to try and stall my mind.

I need to put the breaks on
just to make it
bide its time,
it doesn’t heed the rest of me
– that struggles to get up to speed –
and so my meek and weak body
is often left behind.

And so I fret
that one day they might just disconnect
And I’ll find myself minus an identity,
Another formless entity
that’s forced to face eternity
out of sight
…and out of mind.
(Inspired by #BoHoDreamz prompt ‘Suspended Breath’)

Toss A Coin

Toss a coin high into the air
and let it rest there
hanging there just like
a second sun…

Then here it comes,
tumbling down and round towards the ground
spinning soundlessly,
Then landing at your feet
as you peer down to see
what your fate will be,
So tell me –
Is it heads up?
Or heads down?

Hit-and-Run Lust

Your reckless hit-and-run lust –
That left my love like carrion
Lying lifeless in the dust.

Just a broken, bloody mess
For scavengers to feed upon,
Gnawing at what’s left;
The ghostly-white
Splintered bones
Of my misguided trust.
(Inspired by #Microprompt ‘Frail’)

Lost Property

I am not lost property.
I was never yours
So you have
No cause,
To lay your claim
On me.

I am not your property.
And I never was
But now
We’re divorced,
You must allow
Yourself to see;
That I’m not lost now,

I’m just


Creating a Poem From Nothing

Empty, insensate space.
Inside my mind, the
Dormant mental matter lies,
Waiting to be awakened.

And then…

A pin-point poem appears
And all consciousness coalesces around
A single idea.

A bright, blinding light –
As omnipotent inspiration
Jump-starts the silence with
A big bang of imagination,
Throwing free-flowing thoughts outwards
In a chaotic outburst of characters
As the emptiness explodes into
A universe of words.

A Rainbow’s Earthly Prism

Swirling iridescent
Pale coils of fragile colours glow
The earth-caught ghostly presence
Of a heavenly rainbow.

Sun-drenched man-made puddle
A prism born from gasoline
This rare elusive marvel
Lying golden at my feet.

What Lies Beyond Depression

Tightly-wrapped thoughts only fester away
So unravel your mind’s bindings ’til they all fall away,
Open your soul to this curious world,
Let its beauty infuse you, as your body unfurls.

Let your eyes hear every sound your ears see,
Let your skin taste the sweetness of infinity,
Spread your perception out far and wide, then
Take a deep breath, and draw the universe inside.

You drink the sunlight that falls from the sky,
You breathe the air that gives everything life,
Your blood flows like rivers, and your flesh soft as earth
Your form and its functions all give your soul worth.

For nothing exists in all time and space
Without having reason, and purpose, and place, as
You are important, like all that you do –
For you are the universe, and
The universe

Since Becoming Me

It’s strange,
Sublime and
Since becoming me,
All the things I truly believed
Wasn’t allowed to do
Wasn’t allowed to feel
Wasn’t allowed to be,
Are now the things
Proudly put on view
Pure and unconcealed
For all the world to see.