What Do We Fear?

We do not fear objects, but

We fear not that which exists, but
that which lies beyond our existence and
all existence.

We fear the unknown,
The unknown parts of the world, of the universe
and ourselves.

We fear that tomorrow will not be like today;
Or that it will be exactly like today.

We fear that everything is a lie,
A conceit or a deceit and
we fear our own exposure.

We fear that which we cannot control, and so
we are afraid.

We are always
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt ‘What Do We Fear’)

Redefining Depression

There seems to be a lack of perception
surrounding the issue of depression,
So perhaps things need to be clarified
in the form of a short and handy guide:

Depression is not a shameful affliction,
Depression is not an assumed condition.

Depression is not a wound that soon will mend,
Nor is it a means to achieve an end.

Depression is not a prison sentence,
Nor does it denote an unfit parent.

Depression does not mean you’re a selfish lover,
Nor does it make you a worthless mother.

Depression is not a blithe mentality
Nor does it decide your identity.

And when you’re depressed you don’t spend your life crying
Nor are you obsessed with the idea of dying.

Because a depressed mind
does not define
all that you do –
For you are not your depression
and your depression isn’t you.

One Cannot Barter For A Heart With Stars

All the stars in the sky
do not reside there
for you and I.

For this resplendent,
Splendid and elegant

Was never intended
to be rendered or surrendered
like a form of currency.

One cannot purloin
these cosmic coins
as one would a specie,

We must leave them be
A find more earthly and worthy ways
to say ‘I love thee’.
(Inspired by #BlackDahliaProse prompt ‘All The Stars In The Sky’)

The Waves Are Waving Goodbye

There was a time when I was swept away
upon waves of emotion every day;
But now I am floundering in their wake,
Dragged down by the silence their absence makes.

Before, I endured their best and their worst,
Reeling and keeling and feeling immersed;
But now I’m drifting high and dry,
In a sea as still as a corpse’s eye.

Thus in this stillness I am left,
Unto the silence I am cleft,
Adrift, abandoned and bereft –
with nothing to hold but my breath.

And as the swell dwells in the horizon’s eye,
There’s a motion marked by the fading light,
As the waves are waving me goodbye –
They’re waving me goodbye…
(Inspired by #AugustPoeticWings prompt ‘Waves of Emotion’)

Atypically Blessed

It’s an exquisite kind of stain;
When you’re defined as being strange
and so different from the norm, that
even your thoughts cannot conform.

So you don’t behave in the ways you should,
And told you’re naughty, when you’re being good,
Or that you’re selfish, weak, or cruel
Just because you don’t know their rules.

Just be your best – that’s all you can do,
And don’t treat others as they treat you –
Instead, treat everyone as a friend
(How they react is up to them).

Cause we might be weird – but we’re not insane;
Just blessed with atypical kinds of brains,
So make the most of all you can be –
And let’s all toast diversity.
(Inspired by #Sensewrds prompt ‘Tainted)

The Last Laugh Is The Loneliest Laugh Of All

It’s like living on an island
where all the water’s drained away;
And replaced by steep cliffs rising
trying to keep the world at bay.

They’re too high for you to climb them;
Too steep for others to descend,
Like great, gargantuan ha-has – ah but,
The butt of the joke is you, my friend;
For you are but a joke to them.

Suffocating On Unspoken Words

Haunted by the sound of silence.
The words catch in my throat
as though they’re razor blades;
Slowly choking my airway,
Slitting through my veins, my
neural pathways as they crawl
all through my brain.

My thoughts cannot escape –
they cannot penetrate past the fleshy bars
of this cage I’ve made inside my mind;
these layers of mental scars
that line my brain,
my body and my heart.

So I strain to find a way
to liberate my mind from silence;
To emancipate my pain by finding someone
who will listen – truly listen –
to what I have to say…

Though it seems a waste of time,
For I find that, not matter what I say –
however I elaborate –
when all is said and done
it’s up to me alone to brave
what is to come.

And so I’m done.

I’ve nothing left to say, and
nothing left to prove, because
there’s no longer any use
in trying to authenticate
what I’ve been through.

So I’ll carry on alone,
I’ll rely on my own resilience
and swallow up this silence, as
I draw my strength from defiance
and there’s more trying times ahead.
(Inspired by #DarkLines prompt ‘Choking On Silence’)


It’s almost as though time
becomes labyrinthine
the further in you go;

As though space is swallowed
by all the words unread
as yet, and unheard;

That the pressure of worlds
still held in their bindings
for new minds to find them,

distorts this universe –
contorts it with caught words
that ought to be thought
and read, and released.
(Inspired by #RavensVeil prompt ‘Bookstore Delights’)

A Toast To Inappropriateness

Cheers to the wild ideas –
to those thoughts that have taught
your brain to misbehave,
To create and compose
and suppose in the most
inappropriate ways.

And here’s to being strange;
To be geared towards words
and to worlds deranged,
Where our peace is defined
through an unbridled mind
that others would call insane.
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt ‘Here’s To The Crazy Ones’)