How I Amuse My Poetry Muse Vol III

Corners drawn and
Dimples ready.
Her super-sharp-shooter-mouth motionless,
Slick scarlet silencer
Stops a chamber
Loaded with desire.

She winks her eye
Cocks the trigger;
In her hands a semi… automatic
She knows I’m ready as
She parts her lips
Then lets the bullets fly.
(Inspired by #MadVerse Prompt ‘Gunslinger Smile’)

At night, I dive into my inner sea
Down, deep down, to where my dreams dwell.
Daylight brings shades of their depths back to me,
Like the echo of waves
In an empty sea shell.

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The Mind’s Garden

Sweep away the dead leaves,
Tear down
The brittle vines of misery,
Bring forth light
Into forgotten corners,
And let the fountain of your thoughts
Play its merry melody once more.

Restore and repair
All the broken panes of your
Hothouse imagination;
Fill it full of lush concepts
And juicy, bright ideas.

Tend to your mind’s garden daily;
Feed it with curiosity,
Water it with inspiration,
Warm it with love,
Then you will feel it
Grow and flourish
(Inspired by #writtenriver prompt ‘break and grow’)


Limbs looped like elastic bands
When our lips explore and entwine;
Fingers coiled, clawing and clasping,
Tongues taunt, teasing and twisting,
Skin sticks to skin,
Flesh into flesh,
As our bodies blend and
Our souls become

Dodging A Black Hole

I dodged a black hole,
Took a spin
‘Round its event horizon,
Regained Control.

Now I’m floating out in space,
The pull of it still lingers
I’m in a good place,
Safe from its embrace
And gladly giving it the finger.

The Demands of Forgiveness

Too often
We feel it is solely our fault
When we could not provide
What others have sought.

But please

Forgiveness can only be granted
When the person who hurt us
Has stopped what they started.

Wow! That’s What I Call Micropoetry Vol. III

Silken Sable Sheets
Flecked with the dust of heaven
Sheltering the earth
(Inspired by @DimpleVerse Prompt ‘Dusk Light’)

Footsteps slip through midnight’s silence
Closing in from all around,
Death creeps softly through the darkness;
Hush your heart, don’t make a sound.

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Roll Up, Roll Up…

Love can be a:
Roller coaster
Hall of mirrors
Ferris wheel
Fun house
House of horrors
Dodgem track
Or ghost train


You can’t tell ’til the ride’s begun
And you can’t leave ’til you’ve had your fun

So roll up, roll up…

The City’s Song

Hear the calming sound of distant traffic,
The morning yawn of this slumbering town,
There, the early birds fly fast and frantic,
Here, the songbirds strive to rouse the crowds.

Soon voices merge with this morning chorus,
As fledglings fly free from their parent’s nests,
Filled with the thrill of the day before them,
Wild screams and laughter burst out from their breasts.

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