Inspiring The Universe

Inspiration is where all creation begins,
For it’s how we allow the universe in,
Just by breathing we are receiving fresh inspiration;
The tool which will fuel our imaginations.

It’s a conduit that fits twixt you and existence,
A yellow-brick path of least resistance,
The single most basic yet amazing link
that turns how you feel into what you think.

For inspiration lies not in what we see,
But in how we process and how we receive
all the riches that exist all around us –
Do they amuse, bemuse or just confound us?

As there is but one universal truth:
Everything can – and will – inspire you,
If you stay self-aware, whilst always prepared
to let the universe in.

Published by

Bunny Burns

I love words; both reading and writing them. I've started this site in order to have a depository for all the random ramblings which are continually swirling around my mind. Some of the aforementioned ramblings may be quite serious but the majority probably won't be. I'm a single mother living in Norwich. I'm also autistic. This isn't the defining component of my personality, although it is a significant one, and one which I think has a heavy influence on my writing, which is why I choose to highlight it. I also feel no shame over being autistic and refuse to perceive it as a disability. The way I see it, life is hard work whichever way your brain is wired up. Aside from all things wordy, I also love music. I find it to be an incredible mood enhancer, as well as a great enabler for the imagination. I love all kinds of music, though hard house in particular - as everything in life is better when it's hard... I hope you enjoy my musings and thank you for reading! I can also be found on