How I Amuse My Poetry Muse Vol XIII

A seamless ream of cerulean cloth
A light-blue rock pool unspoiled by sea broth
No clouds allowed to crowd this sky
Just sure azure pureness cast
alluringly on high.

Everything has a point
’round which its being turns –
but our love’s turning point
spun helplessly out of joint
and thus became anointed
our point of no return.
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt ‘Movement’)

Five lines, I did try
to write, in honour of my
urinary tract –
But then I changed tack, and thought:
That would just tanka the piss.

There’s a twinkle in the sky’s eye,
A sprinkle of sunbeams flying high,
While sparkling gleams of sunset sigh,
And hark the evening’s lullaby.

On a drowsy midweek morning,
Even the cars sound lethargic,
And it seems the streets are still dreaming,
As the birdsong is slurred
So no melody’s heard
Just a low lackadaisical yawning…

You reap what you sow,
So don’t weep, for you know
that this barren field
bears the arrant yield
of the frugal fruits your love grows.

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Bunny Burns

I love words; both reading and writing them. I've started this site in order to have a depository for all the random ramblings which are continually swirling around my mind. Some of the aforementioned ramblings may be quite serious but the majority probably won't be. I'm a single mother living in Norwich. I'm also autistic. This isn't the defining component of my personality, although it is a significant one, and one which I think has a heavy influence on my writing, which is why I choose to highlight it. I also feel no shame over being autistic and refuse to perceive it as a disability. The way I see it, life is hard work whichever way your brain is wired up. Aside from all things wordy, I also love music. I find it to be an incredible mood enhancer, as well as a great enabler for the imagination. I love all kinds of music, though hard house in particular - as everything in life is better when it's hard... I hope you enjoy my musings and thank you for reading! I can also be found on