Jungle Mentality

The thing about jungles is
that they’re a mess –
a mess of hidden activity.
At first you can’t see anything
just an endless spectrum of green trees
But if you look a little more carefully
then you’ll perceive
an ecosystem thriving just beneath its surface.

The thing about our minds is
that they’re like jungles –
a mess of wild identities,
Only you can’t see them hiding
in amongst the dense and stoic trees
of high propriety – they lurk behind them,
Frightened that they might get caught
and slaughtered,
Or put in cages and then displayed
for all the world to see.

For our minds are filed
with a range of beasts –
Some common, some rare
and some believed deceased –
Like the Dodo of Curiosity
which always stays and faces a threat
(along with the Rhino of Regret)
for both have to know what happens next
(which unsurprisingly tends to be)
that they both become deceased.

You see,
The thing about our minds is
that they’re like jungles;
They’re just a riotous mess
of verdant personalities,
And that really is the best way to describe them.
They’re a thriving asylum
for all kinds of strange and beguiling species –
Like the rampaging tribes
of chimpanzees
that go crashing and smashing through the trees
letting everyone know that their ego
is the boss –
to the lost
and lonely bird of Hope
that glides slowly over them,
right to the top of the canopy
(where it has the scope to see everything)
and there it rests, and begins to sing
It’s song of freedom
love and peace.
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt ‘It’s a Jungle Sometimes’)

Published by

Bunny Burns

I love words; both reading and writing them. I've started this site in order to have a depository for all the random ramblings which are continually swirling around my mind. Some of the aforementioned ramblings may be quite serious but the majority probably won't be. I'm a single mother living in Norwich. I'm also autistic. This isn't the defining component of my personality, although it is a significant one, and one which I think has a heavy influence on my writing, which is why I choose to highlight it. I also feel no shame over being autistic and refuse to perceive it as a disability. The way I see it, life is hard work whichever way your brain is wired up. Aside from all things wordy, I also love music. I find it to be an incredible mood enhancer, as well as a great enabler for the imagination. I love all kinds of music, though hard house in particular - as everything in life is better when it's hard... I hope you enjoy my musings and thank you for reading! I can also be found on www.twitter.com/@bhhburns