How I Amuse My Poetry Muse Vol X

Through the window pane I gaze,
As I look inside my mind;
Am I staring into space, or
am I trying to see through time…?
(Inspired by #ChocVerse prompt Unknown)

What lies in the heart of our minds?
Which of us dares to venture there,
Aware that the knowledge we find,
We may be unable to bear –
And unable to leave behind…?
(Inspired by #ChocVerse prompt Unknown)

My mind is like a
Lovecraftian hydra, a
cthulu of thoughts

Let me sink into your skin –
I want to feel you deep within
my soul,
so make me lose control –
’cause you know that I won’t swim,
so let your lust overflow as
I sink into our sin.
(Inspired by #TastyPoem prompt ‘Submerge/Immerse’)

Venus in chains –
Stolen away from the sun, now she’s numb
and lost in space;
Kept as Mars’ pet,
In his shadow
and yet
she’ll soon escape;
To return to her place
beside Earth,
who truly appreciates
her worth,
And knows
never to stand in her way.
(Inspired by #TLPoetry prompt ‘Planets of the Solar System’)

My private empire
wrought in an assortment of
primary colours;
Slowly grows my Lego world
of bricks, so quickly broken.

Like lost reflections
fade into the depths of their
mirrored images,
shadows of misconceptions
grow to overwhelm their light.
(Inspired by #ShapePoetry prompt ‘Faded Memories’)

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Bunny Burns

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