How I Amuse My Poetry Muse Vol IX

and loose lips,
That skip
easily enough through poetry –
Yet seem to flounder
against the
of such a simple word as
(Inspired by #BeautizmLove prompt ‘Fences’)

She was married to death –
Given away on her wedding day
To one who took her breath away.

Now the only thing left
Is an expensive ring indicating
How she sold her soul for wealth.
(Inspired by #DarkLines prompt ‘Married to Death’)

Like a rabbit in headlights
I’m caught,
I can see the shape of my thoughts
but not the words themselves –
Just black shades of something else…

Yet it’s up to me
to guess
what the shapes and shades could be
within this indistinct mess
that fills my head; this
shadow play poetry.
(Inspired by DimpleVerse prompt Tantalising)

There was a time
when I used to be
inhibited by misery;
locked within a bitter battle with
my propriety –

I filtered out my filters,
Unleashed my eccentricities, and
untied the binds around my mind.

So now
I’m twice the person I used to be,
Because I am appropriately
inappropriate and
(Inspired by #Soulwords prompt There Was A Time)

Heaven’s removal men;
Packing up the sunshine
into dark, dreary clouds.
Grumbling and mumbling
as they move the air about.
Dust sheets spread out far and wide
As their heavy feet trample
on a dirty sky.
Sunshine’s moving on –
It’s home got repossessed
by a storm.

If you believe in yourself
then everyone else
will follow your lead.

Tendrils of broken hearts,
slowly woven together by sorrow;
A spiral of damaged parts,
Grown SOULJOINED by the joy they borrow
(Inspired by #DimpleVerse prompt ‘make up a word’)

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