How I Amuse My Poetry Muse Vol VIII

Midnight’s sensuous breath;
A sultry breeze
Whispering love songs
To seduce the summer trees.
Its transparent tongue
Gently licking along
lines of quivering leaves
until they shiver and sigh,
Beneath a cold, distant sky
That jealously gazes on.
(Inspired by #BeautizmLove prompt ‘Hot Summer Nights’)

With you I became
Like a phoenix with clipped wings –
Caged in her flames;
But now I fly free,
Broke away from your chains
that were controlling me,
So I never need be
afraid, for there’s no way
You will trap me again.
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt ‘Caged In My Wild Heart’)

Lying between white sheets,
Hiding inside
the covers of our love…
Our pale forms press close, as
with a flurry of skin,
We begin tossing
and turning,
‘Til we reach the end;
Where together
we shall discover
the climax of our love.
(Inspired by #LionSighs prompt ‘In A Book With You’)

The air is assaulted with a
Tetris of trilling voices,
Each fighting to fill the spaces that
The other’s silence leaves.
It’s a race to plug the gaps,
As they vie to be the winner
Whilst trying to paint a picture
of harmonious unity.
(Inspired by #ShapePoetry prompt ‘Dawn Chorus’)

Only the soul can hear them sing –
Their voluptuous voices reverberating
somewhere deep inside your heart,
That part
of you
you keep safe within that
soft sanctuary of skin
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt Melody of Stars)

Gently rising,
My slender legs tenderly swaying
and playing through
the cool blue
beauty of the ocean,
As I emerge
from my fantasea of dreams
Into sunbeams
Shining bright with
enlightened emotion.
(Inspired by #TastyPoem prompt ‘Surface’)

Your eyes –
Like brilliant blue clouds
in seamless white skies;
Flecked with a
of sapphire hues, that
catch the light brightly
as a rare bird’s plumage.

You blink, and then
when those gold lids unfurl
again –
All I see are pearls,
As plain and
pure as worlds
that have never known
the folly of men.
(Inspired by #SenseWrds prompt ‘Curve’)

Just a drop of you
was all it took
to drown me
in the shallow brook
that was all
I was allowed
of your love.

Just one look from you
and I was hooked
(line and sinker)
crooked around
your little finger;
the iron will
to fill my
velvet glove.
(Inspired by #DimpleVerse prompt Temptation/Surrender)

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