How I Amuse My Poetry Muse Vol IV

Petal lips blossom
Around a red rosebud –
A flushed flower unfurling,
Dewy with desire,
Intoxicating the air
With the sweetness of its scent.
(Inspired by #DimpleVerse prompt ‘Fifty Shades of Pink)

Like a stone I sink
Drowning in ink
Whose midnight hues
Black and blue
Have their fill of me.

But then…
…I find release.

I grow gills like quills
Fingers become fins
As I soften my skin
And no longer sink,
But swim
(Inspired by #MadVerse prompt ‘Drowning In Ink’)

We are human
And we make mistakes, for
However hard we try;
We still cause pain, so
I beg you, please refrain
From promising you won’t hurt me
As we both know that’s a lie.
(Inspired by #writtenriver prompt ‘Promise Me’)

Sprinting zombies – see how they fly
Leaving the Shufflers far behind
But though the Sprinters have the head start
Come the end of the race they just fall apart
(Inspired by #storysaturday prompt ‘Tortoise & the Hare’

I’ll bury you in an unmarked grave
To preserve your purity.
In a pulchritudinous place you’ll lay
Waiting patiently for me.
(Inspired by #horrorprompt ‘Unmarked Grave’)

Softly steals the tide of night,
Sinking into golden sands,
Rising ripples of twilight,
That slowly sweep across the land.
(Inspired by #TLPoetry prompt ‘Soft’)

Your spirit bursts through see-through skin
In waves of words sent tumbling
Through time and space and thought and sense
Life’s effervescent brilliance
(Inspired by #lionsighs prompt ‘Tumbling through time’)

The Big Bad Wolf had had a busy day
Blowing the piggies houses away
But that was what he had to do, to get
Pork chops & kindling for his BBQ
(Inspired by #Microprompt ‘Wolf’)

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Bunny Burns

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